Kirsty Eastman


I was ashamed to go to the park or playground with my oldest daughter because I didn't feel well enough to run around or climb through the playground. My confidence and self-esteem were very low.

I started Shake That Weight after I got my 2 the child and my partner proposed to me at our baby shower. I am also witnessing my best friend's wedding in October and I am going to Australia for a month with my family before Christmas. Having a lot of goals made me very determined.

I chose shake that weight because I've done it before and really liked it. I lost 25 pounds after my first child and then became pregnant with my second child. After I gave birth to my second child and gained half the weight I had lost, I realized it was time to do it again.

There have been many peaks and troughs, and a number of holidays since January. At first I rewarded myself with several takeaway meals and junk food on the weekend but after I went shopping and none of the clothes fit, a switch went off. I became very strict with myself and only ate unhealthy on special occasions and don't eat too much when I eat unhealthy. I think drinking lots of water and distracting yourself are the two best tips I can give to anyone.

I can definitely say that this is the easiest and tastiest diet I've ever done! I'm still losing weight and I've started going to the gym when it's always been a big fear. I really started to notice a difference after 3/4 months. I surprised myself when I was running around my daughter's school grounds and playing tag with her and some of her friends.

I never would have dreamed of doing that before. I have become a lot more confident in my clothes and myself. My next goal is to lose another 14 pounds and tone up my belly so I can hopefully wear a bikini for Christmas (for the first time in my life) on a beach in Australia.



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